There's nothing traditional about us

We don’t just analyze, we scrutinize the effectiveness of your strategy to create a plan tailored to your goals.

We Are...

a group of creative, ambitious, and highly educated advisors, that care about making the world a better place.


We’re able to see things that most people don’t. No, we’re not psychic. We just pay close attention to detail.


Versatility is crucial when working with technology and a diverse client base. Quick and effective change happens here every day.


Business goes on all the time. At some point you’ll need help at night or on a weekend and we’re here for you.


We run our company with our hearts. We are honest, accountable, and care about every single life we touch.

Meet Steve

Steve Kesselman is the Founder and Lead Strategist at Corner Marketing. Steve has been marketing since he was in Kindergarten, when he sold rocks to other kids on his school bus. Since then, Steve has held numerous positions at a wide range of companies, from leading marketing efforts at small businesses to an esteemed position at a Fortune 500 company (he was a cashier at ToysRUs in high school). He has had continued success in helping businesses grow.